The Congo Palace Hotel offers visitors elegant accommodation in the center of Glyfada, a town synonymous with the coastal road hugging the Saronic Gulf. Vibrant year round, with countless shops selling as vast an array of goods and brand name designer clothing and accessories as any shop in Athens, Glyfada is a shopping destination de rigueur for both locals and visitors alike. With wide pedestrian walks and a tram line running directly through the center, visitor-friendly Glyfada offers itself to those who would like to explore the huge variety of products on display in its myriad of shops.

The focal point of southern Athens, Glyfada is reminiscent of an American coastal suburb in both its layout and aesthetics. Its residents eagerly embrace this atmosphere, dressing in stylish summery clothes year-round, always finding time for a break during the day to put on their running attire and go for a jog, work out or take a dip in the waters that literally border the town, with the most popular spot being "Asteria" beach.

The town's homes, elegant apartment complexes and compact or sprawling villas that sit side-by-side with summer homes of the 50s and 60s, when Glyfada was the summer destination for any self-respecting affluent Athenian, lend a cosmopolitan air to the area, which continues to be trendy and in-tune with the times despite the years that have gone by. Spacious squares, an impressive variety of restaurants that are among the finest in Athens, countless stylish cafes that are packed day and night as well as the capital's largest dance clubs playing both Greek and international hits, make for a colorfully vibrant area to stay in.

With more than 30 bus and tram lines servicing the town and a metro stop en route, Glyfada is easily accessible from Athens and other points around the greater region of Attica, adding yet another advantage for the visitors who wish to make it their base.

Today more than ever, Glyfada is the perfect choice for guests who want to experience the rich history of Athens together with the inimitable magic of Greek summer, the splendid waters of the Saronic Gulf with its clean, organized beaches and the world famous hospitality, generosity and passion which Greeks incorporate in their daily lives.